Reddish Cover Journal

  • Reddish Cover Journal
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Both cover and pages made of lokta paper

Product Information:

Item Model Number
: LJ-02

Product Description:

Write in style and in comfort in a beautiful handcrafted notebook. Both the interior and exterior are made of lokta paper, which is soft and thick, and will withstand daily use.

Lokta Paper is a traditional Nepali handicraft, made from the inner bark of lokta bushes. Historically, this handmade paper has been used for religious and government texts, because it is very durable; the paper is resistant to mildew, humidity, insect damage, tearing and other destruction.

Once the pulp is made, the paper is set, and dried in the sun. After the Lokta is harvested, the plant regenerates within 3-5 years making this a very renewable resource.