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Windhorse Tibetan Prayer Flag

Tibetan prayer flag made of mixed cotton and printed with a handmade wooden block print using natural colors, perfect for hanging indoors or outdoors and great for altar or meditation spaces.  

The Windhorse prayer flags have the traditional colors of yellow, white, red, blue, and green. In the centre of the flag has the image of Lung-ta, which is the Tibetan word for ‘Wind horse’ printed. This Lung-ta is believed to be a divine horse who is the carrier of the wish-fulfilling jewel. A variety of prayers are imprinted surrounding the centre image of Lung-ta, protecting the person who mounts the flag and their surroundings from destructive evils, obstacles, and misfortunes. In the four corners of the flag are the images or names of four powerful animals: the Dragon, the Garuda, the Tiger, and the Lion.

Hang these prayer flags in high places and let the Lung-ta carry the blessings represented on the flags to all beings. When the wind blows on the prayer flags, the prayers and mantras embodied in the flags will spread across all directions until the flag itself gradually fades and dissolves to become a permanent part of the universe. These prayer flags can also be gifted to your loved ones for good fortune.