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Wet Felting

Wet felting is a method of making felt using water, soap, and agitation that causes the wool fibers to open up and interlock together. 

This process requires three essential elements: 
- water, 
- agitation, and 
- heat. 

And it works best with slightly alkaline liquid. Hence, soap or detergent is used to create this condition. 

Using warm soapy water and repeated agitation, the fibers weave together into a single piece of fabric. The finished felt will shrink by 20-50%, depending on the type of wool, but it will be more compact, firmer, and stronger. 

The finished felt can then be cut, embroidered, and manipulated into the desired shape. It can even be used as a base for needle felting. 

As wet felting creates a thick and firm felt, this process is mainly used to make durable products that will not fall apart easily when used and shrink down when washed. 

Our products: felt dryer balls, felt shoes and slippers, felt purses, felt cat caves, felt carpets, felt coasters, and felt decor items are made using the wet felting process.