about us

about us

Asterisk” means something which has further meaning. It signifies that Creativity & Imagination has no limitation. It also conveys the message that our compassion and are is profound to the People and Planet without the boarder in all direction.


Asterisk ” means  something which has further meaning . It signifies that  Creativity and imagination has no limitation. It also conveys the message that our compassion and care is profound to the People and Planet without the boarder in all direction. Asterisk  was established in 2010 as a family run Handicraft Company with the view of promoting the Nepali handicraft  industry while providing employment opportunity to the deprived, underprivileged community people, especially women and ethnic groups by  making them socially and economically empowered. 

Started with few family members and few women  artist, currently it has 130 regular employees among which 15 are management staffs and rest are in production line. Among the total 130 human resource, 75% are women. Besides, Asterisk  also has 2 local producer groups who supply us with high quality felt and Natural products . The company believes in diversification and therefore has people from various social, religious and ethnic backgrounds from different parts of the country. Our major international markets are America, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherland, Latvia, Japan, Australia, Denmark and many other emerging markets around the world. 

Asterisk is  committed to quality production and timely delivery. We along with our buyer are working for the sustainable future for the benefit of People and Planet.

Aterisk International Services


To be  the leading  producer and exporter of  handmade Nepali  products of international quality.


Our mission is  to manufacture  and deliver high quality wool felt products and natural organic products  while creating economic opportunities to marginalized, destitute and socially disadvantaged people with continuous improvement of production for customer satisfaction.


  • To produce high quality felt product by implementing continuous improvement system.
  • Design and develop new products to cater to the needs of international buyers.
  • Create employment opportunity to the deprived underprivileged ,marginalized , ethnic groups,  specially women & differently able people.
  • To build and enhance the capacity of the producers.
  • To conduct research for the development of scientific application of Wool and Natural Products.


  • We strongly discourage any types of child labor and force or indentured labor.
  • We support and protect internationally proclaimed human rights.
  • We do not practice or allow any kind of discriminations.
  • We uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
  • We promote and encourage precautionary approaches to protect environment.
  • Our work places are no smoking and alcohol free zones.
  • We ensure of safe and healthy working environment.
  • We discourage any forms of corruption or illegal practices.